If you’re ready to travel again, we’re here for your protection

The federal government has lifted Level 3 Advisories to avoid all non-essential travel to most international countries. As a result, we’re experiencing extremely high call volumes. We apologize for any longer than normal wait you may encounter as we take the time to answer your questions and ensure you’re properly protected.

BE ADVISED: If you’re fully vaccinated and going to a country with a Level 1 or 2 Advisory, our Single & Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plans will cover COVID-19 related expenses and can be purchased online in just minutes.

Exclusions for COVID-19 related expenses remain in place for countries with a Level 3 Advisory. If you’re planning to travel to a country still with a Level 3 Advisory or you have underlying medical issues, speak with our licensed specialists about coverage for COVID-19 related expenses. Visit our COVID-19 Coverage page for details.

As CARP’s trusted provider, we urge you to stay vigilant. Check the COVID-19 status of the country you plan to visit and your destination, which can vary significantly from one country to another and within regions of the country.


While travel is back, we’re still dealing with a global pandemic. We’ll help you stay safe by keeping you informed of your risks and testing requirements.
  • IMPORTANT POLICY INFORMATION: If you purchased a Travel Choice 2 Single or Multi-Trip Emergency Medical Plan by the October 30, 2021 pre-season deadline, you have the option to change travel dates without penalty or cancel your policy and receive a full refund. Any policy changes, cancellations and refunds will only be permitted prior to your single-trip plan departure date or multi-trip plan policy effective date, even if that date falls within the 10-Day Free Look Period. Further, there can be no changes in your medical condition or stability from the date you purchased your policy. Otherwise, your policy may be cancelled and re-issued at the current rate at that time. Please refer to your policy for complete details.

Planning To Travel Inside Canada?


Government health insurance plans do NOT cover all of the medical expenses you may incur while travelling in Canada. The reciprocal agreement for services between the provinces and territories is only equal to the coverage provided in your home province or territory. And it differs across Canada.

Outside your home province, some plans will not cover prescription drugs, ambulances, specialists, emergency dental or x-rays. There are exclusions for all non-medical expenses, including travel expenses associated with trip interruption.

Travelling inside Canada without insurance is not as financially risky as venturing out-of-country without coverage, but your incurred costs could be substantial. Just an air ambulance back to your home province can cost you as much as $20,000.

To learn what may not be paid for outside your home province or territory, Click Here.


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